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Get some great pictures as you wind your way through tunnels of orange torii gates. While you’re there, take a sip of the water flowing from the mountains of Kiyomizu Temple at Otowa Waterfall for good luck! If you want some insight into your love life, check out the popular Love Fortune-Telling Rocks. It’s said that if you can successfully walk from one stone to the other with your eyes closed, then you’ll find your true love! This is a Japanese-style cafe run by a store that sells yatsuhashi , one of Kyoto’s famous confectionaries. We suggest trying the delicious matcha parfait.

Here is the navel of Kyoto?! ~Rokkakudo~

You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience and security. Hello guys! My name is Shin, and I love to travel. Because of my homestay experience in Australia, I am addicted to traveling to places I’ve never been and experience things unique to each site. Kyoto is one of my favorite cities.

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Kyoto International Manga Museum. The city is home to a myriad of temples, shrines and historical spots, and the best way to get around the city is by public transportation. The shrine is also known for its matchmaking powers, and its unique omikuji fortune telling slips. An Ethereal Fall Foliage at Kyoto’s Rurikoin Temple Kyoto is beautiful regardless of season, but it is especially breathtaking during the fall months.

All over Kyoto, you can see the autumn leaves change colors, and visitors flock in popular tourist destinations throughout the city. Rurikoin Temple. Jishu-jinja Shrine locates just north of Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto prefecture. The shrine is a famous matchmaking spot.

Find True Love at Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto

This historic UNESCO World Heritage city is marked by narrow alleys lined with 17th-century tea houses and mountains hovering in the distance shrouded in fog. Home to over 2, temples, the city served as the center of Japanese culture for over a thousand years. Work with Indagare to design the perfect itinerary for an immersive journey.

When a wish comes true, I return you it or, to the Kuchiire Inari Okami head office, may be put in the same house. Kyoto Tachikichi is carefully made ​Three set.

In Inari Okami, control matchmaking, Old; is believed more, and is God binding a good match, the job offer of people, employment, etc. Messenger acting as a go-between doll of the Kuchiire Inari Okami. I take three God of adherents kenzoku of a couple meoto and three attendants one set to go after prayer in each house in in front of Kuchiire Inari Okami head office God and do a festival until a wish accomplishes it.

It is the place that does not become poor to make a festival, and a direction and the offering are not particularly necessary. When a wish comes true, I return you it or, to the Kuchiire Inari Okami head office, may be put in the same house. The acting as a go-between doll which a request came true, and was returned. NHK “history secret story hiss thoria” “toast to a family of the crane bottle”.


This is the main entrance of Kiyomizu-dera Temple. It was burnt down during a civil war and reconstructed in the early 16th century. In , the gate was taken apart and refurbished. This magnificent two-story gate measures approximately 10 meters wide, 5 meters long, and 14 meters high, and displays unique features of the era when it was rebuilt.

It is also known to enshrine the god of matchmaking, and the shrine’s amulets shrine located in the town of Kuramakibune, Sakyo Ward in Kyoto City, Kyoto.

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Seeking Tranquility: A Guide to Kyoto’s Best Temples & Shrines

This name is derived from the pristine waters of the Otowa Waterfall , on which site the temple was built. It is also famous for its large wooden terrace. The Kyomizu-dera was founded in Its present structures were erected in It was originally associated with one of the oldest schools of Japanese Buddhism , the Hosso sect. Since , it has hosted its own Kita Hosso sect.

Home» Temples and Shrines of Japan» Jishu Jinja (地主神社) – Kyoto. 22 of 23 photos. Jishu-Jinja – Matchmaking Shrine, Kyoto. Kevin Frates. Jishu-Jinja.

Dedicated to the deity of love and matchmaking, the love shrine is always crowded with many couples and especially young girls praying for luck in love. There are two love stones in front of the shrine, placed 18m apart. If you can find your way from one to the other with your eyes closed, your wish will be granted. As the place is packed with many people, it feels like impossible to actually try to get to the other stone, or to do so without people getting in your way and getting you off your path during the day.

I would recommend to get there early enough like 9am if you wish to actually try it yourself. The shrine is registered as one of the World Heritage too. To me, it feels like one of theme park attractions instead of a sacred shrine, but it’s an interesting place to visit once together with your friends. Enoshima Island has been lit up for the “Jewel of Shonan” Festival, with delightful night time illuminations at various locations, including the Sea Candle Lighthouse, Samuel Cocking Garden, some of ….

It is a shortened form of character bento. As Autumn is season for sports festivals in Japan, it comes up in our conversations between moms. Moms decorate homemade food to look like cute characters i…. The other day, I found giant “New Pione” grapes at a local supermarket and I could help buying one even though the price was rather high compared to other grapes yen per pack while regular grape…. Once you check in yo….

We just had one two weeks ago.

Otoyo Shrine

Photo of Man walking towards love stone at Jishu Jinja matchmaking shrine at Kiyomizu-dera temple Kyoto. Loading Image MXI Young man walking with closed eyes towards the love stone at Jishu-Jinja matchmaking shrine to Okuninushi the god of love and marriage, at Kiyomizu-dera Buddhist temple in Higashiyama, Kyoto, Japan

Jishu Shrine is located near (or I would say within) Kyoto’s Kiyomizu Temple. Dedicated to the deity of love and matchmaking, the love shrine is.

The temple is currently covered entirely by semi-transparent scaffolding while it is undergoing restoration works in preparation for the Olympics. Kiyomizu-dera was founded in the early Heian period. It takes its name from the waterfall within the complex, which runs off the nearby hills. Kiyomizu means clear water , or pure water. The main hall has a large veranda, supported by tall pillars, that juts out over the hillside and offers impressive views of the city. Large verandas and main halls were constructed at many popular sites during the Edo period to accommodate large numbers of pilgrims.

The popular expression “to jump off the stage at Kiyomizu” is the Japanese equivalent of the English expression “to take the plunge”. During the Edo period, jumps were recorded, and of those, Beneath the main hall is the Otowa waterfall, where three channels of water fall into a pond. Visitors can catch and drink the water, which is believed to have wish-granting powers. Success in reaching the other stone with their eyes closed implies that the pilgrim will find love, or true love.

Temple Hopping in Kyoto, Japan – Exploring the Ancient Capital

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Jishu-jinja= The shrine of matchmaking, with a love fortune-telling stone More Photos & Details

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Kyoto’s Kifune Shrine: Beautiful Shrine to The God of Water; Sacred Place for Matchmaking!

Otagi Nenbutsu-ji is a temple on the outskirts of Arashiyama with a collection of unique and whimsical statues. Otagi Nenbutsu-ji Temple is hidden in the hills in far western Arashiyama. It is most famous for its collection of Rakan statues that represent the disciples of the historical Buddha.

About Kiyomizudera, a famous temple in Kyoto. main hall stands Jishu Shrine, a shrine dedicated to the deity of love and matchmaking.

It was founded in on the site of the Otowa Waterfall in the wooded hills east of Kyoto , and derives its name from the fall’s pure waters. The temple was originally associated with the Hosso sect, one of the oldest schools within Japanese Buddhism , but formed its own Kita Hosso sect in Kiyomizudera is best known for its wooden stage that juts out from its main hall, 13 meters above the hillside below. The stage affords visitors a nice view of the numerous cherry and maple trees below that erupt in a sea of color in spring and fall, as well as of the city of Kyoto in the distance.

The main hall, which together with the stage was built without the use of nails, houses the temple’s primary object of worship, a small statue of the eleven faced, thousand armed Kannon. Behind Kiyomizudera’s main hall stands Jishu Shrine , a shrine dedicated to the deity of love and matchmaking. In front of the shrine are two stones, placed 18 meters apart. Successfully finding your way from one to the other with your eyes closed is said to bring luck in finding love.

You can also have someone guide you from one stone to the other, but that is interpreted to mean that an intermediary will be needed in your love life as well. The Otowa Waterfall is located at the base of Kiyomizudera’s main hall.

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